Friday, April 6, 2012

William Levy as Talon

My Epic Fantasy, Chest of Souls, has been described as 'Lord of the Rings meets Hunger Games'.  In part it's because my main male-character, Talon, has such a harsh life growing up.  

In the COS series, the cast of main male characters progress from pre-teens to the gladiator-like heroes destined to take part in a nightmare.    

I would like unknowns to play the parts because the audience won't have a predetermined idea about performance.

In the meantime, I try to find pictures of people that are 'acceptable' physical substitutes - chosen for the sole purpose of giving people the idea of what I imagine them to look like. 

William has a nice body and the men that surround Talon, his friends and fellow-prisoners, will all have nice bodies - a forced situation thrust upon them because of who they must become - Sons of Ammon, leaders of armies, etc.

The picture of William are how I picture Talon at the end of the third book, Aftermath, and into the fourth book, Sacrifice of Souls.  At the time, he is only 16.  Here's the reason it will work:  Talon is seven and a half feet tall before he quits growing.  Of course, William will not remain young - except in pictures.

Most characters mistake Talon for someone older because he is so tall and strong.  Talon carries a big load on those broad shoulders and by the beginning of Sacrifice of Souls (SOS) the load gets bigger, a lot bigger.   

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