Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shemar Moore as Nyk Taym

The character Nyk Taym has a great smile, is a runner, and knows the art of Bosheen (a.k.a. having a third lung).  I don't think Shemar has the body of a runner, but looks the part of Nyk who is Talon's first friend.

I had never seen Criminal Minds until I was staying with my mother and she was a fan of the show.  Once I saw Shemar I wondered if he would be able to play Nyk who has a very complicated and heart-rendering part to play in Chest of Souls.

All of Talon's men have the rocking bodies - they have to in order to survive the game known as Cubes and that's after seven brutal years in the Barracks of Sogo.

Yes, Shemar has the body but  I had to ask myself if he had the heart to play Nyk?  I've seen too many beefcake-bods who look the part but have nothing to give as an actor.

In Criminal Minds, Shemar does the male-testosterone thing when he gets torqued and that quality is critical, but when playing Nyk, he would also have to show depth of character.  Few actors that look this good seem to be able to do emotional angst very well. 

I watched an episode where his character in Criminal Minds has to confess that he was the victim of a heinous crime in his childhood. That's when I knew that he not only looked the part, he could play the part.


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