Friday, August 26, 2011

Pic Jump: last book of goal to release 12 books in 12 months

Released June 2011

From the back of the book:
My happily ever after started with a coma

I didn’t think things could get worse.

Then I was accidentally eye-napped.

It’s complicated, but because of me, a four-year old is being hunted by a kidnapping-murderer and all she has is a Barbie head to help her out.

If I don’t do something, she’s going to disappear –permanently.
I have one question:  How can I save her when all I can do is jump from one set of printed eyes to another?

Pic Jump received a Reader's Favorite Award 2011 and is a Whitney Award Nominee

5 Star review from Readers Favorite:

First rate story with a unique plot, August 11, 2011

By Readers Favorite "Book Reviews and Award Contest" (Hawesville, KY USA) - Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite

Pictarine Nebbie loved her parents but not her name; she prefers Pic. Pic and her best friend/cousin, Dar, run an employment agency. Pic meets the most marvelous man, Mason Jump, in the elevator of the building where her employment agency is located. Mason entertains terminally ill children, gives to charity and is totally devoted to doing for others. He and Pic fall deeply in love, meet each other's families, and marry weeks after meeting. Do they live happily ever after? No, their wedding car is sideswiped, Pic suffers massive head injuries and lies in a coma!

Though badly injured, she is given an out-of-body ability to transfer from one pair of eyes to another. Pic lands as a little girl's Barbie doll's eyes. The little girl, Emma, and her mother and father get on a plane with a terrorist on board.

This is a really first rate story with a unique plot that flows well from beginning to end of story. It offers romance and then adventure that will keep the reader enthralled until story's ending. It is well-edited, extremely well-written with believable characters who hold true throughout the story. A wide number of readers will enjoy this. The discerning will be delighted at the author's insertion of a book written by herself into the storyline.

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