Friday, August 26, 2011

Klaus: A Christmas Romance

Released November 2010
New Cover 2014:  Mates Laurentiu
Won Reader's Favorite Award 2011

In this novel, I combined two of my favorite things: Christmas and Romance.  I fell in love with Santa when I was three years and four months old.  It is one of my earliest childhood memories.  I can still recall how his wool pants made my legs itch!  I scrambled off his lap, but was unable to resist returning time and again.  Oh, before I forget, the red thing I'm holding was hard-as-rock caramel popcorn on a stick. 

Klaus was released November 2010 and, of course, is about the jolly man in a bright red suit EXCEPT.... this story doesn't focus on his down-the-chimney routine, but the love story.

In my book, Eralee is an immortal misfit from the eternal forest of Everaude.  She's engaged to a never-faithful River Prince she doesn't like (much less love).

Klaus is a wood-carving human misfit that comes from the village of Kringle.  How they get together when life throws them an iron-spiked ball that bullseyes their heart is the story I chose to tell.

Though I say it myself, Klaus is destined to become a holiday classic (more than one person that reviewed the book on Amazon agrees). It would do well as a movie...maybe Hallmark, but I wouldn't object to a big screen offering (think Disney).

I've been asked who I would choose to play the part(s).
My first and most important qualification: whoever is chosen must know how to act.  Hallmark and Disney have been successful with this, so no worries.    

In spite of whatever Hollywood would choose, I find that when you read a book you end up putting the person you want in there anyway.  Use your imaginations, conjure the man or woman of YOUR dreams and slide yourself into the opposite role.

Merry Christmas (early and always, from me)

Reader's Favorite 5-star Review:
I highly recommend Klaus for the whole family, July 10, 2011 By Readers Favorite "Book Reviews and Award Contest" (Hawesville, KY USA) - Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite

Have you ever wondered how Santa Klaus met Mrs. Klaus? Michelle Erickson brings readers a delightful story of a princess and a human carpenter.

Eralee's father is a River King and her mother is a Queen. They live in the forest of Everaude, a world filled with immortals and the Rashim (deer). Her parents planned a marriage for her to a river prince. He was busy sowing his wild oats and she had no desire to marry him. When she saw a human freezing to death in the woods, she wanted to save him, although it was forbidden by her people.

The reader watches as Klaus and Eralee fall in love. Throughout this enchanted story the reader learns the answers to many Santa questions.  A lonely witch wants Klaus for her own selfish reasons. Eralee refused to give up the man she loves, no matter the cost.

Erickson combines romance, adventure, suspense and humor to create one of the best Christmas tales I've ever read. Eralee's antics were very funny and her innocence was extremely heartwarming. Of course Eralee was my favorite character, but Klaus and the other characters each had their own distinctive personality. This book will become a family favorite. I can see this tale making it to TV as a Christmas special. I highly recommend Klaus for the whole family.

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