Friday, August 26, 2011

COS: Let's Discuss: Wesvalen

Wesvalen (Wes-vay-lun) word meaning: created by Vael

Capital: Port City, though Sogo is much larger.
Flag: Purple & Yellow: Crown
Money: Milans
Exports: Poisons, fish, assassins and spies, bounty hunters, slaves, copper, fertilizer
Dangers: Slavers, the Lost City where the legendary Mek is said to live

Characters from this area:  Mal, Par, Iskar, Council of 9, Father Bouvay

If you separate the U.S. into quarters, this would be the southeast. Think of a gigantic boot laying on its side, with the toe up.
Cities: San Francisco-like, tall and narrow dwellings, but very colorful hodge-podge of styles with crooked streets.

Around the coastline, think San Diego, California weather. The farther east you are, the more humid it gets until you reach the swamp (a huge stretch of muck that would cover an area roughly the size of the Carolinas). It never snows except in highest mountains near Terisian border.

Sogo, the city-state, has every nationality.  Elsewhere, they are mostly Asian/Oriental. 

During the reign of the Five creators, Vael chose this section of land and over time, managed to terrorize the country.  He was a brutal dictator.  The fact he was insane didn't help.

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