Friday, August 26, 2011

Book #9 Walking with Lightning

Released in May 2011.
Illustration: StravenLite

People have asked me what Sogo looks like.  Well, here it is - being destroyed (Hallelujah!) 

In this final installment of the series, everything has come to a head.  Talon is determined to fight for Brenna even though she may not choose him in the end.  Brenna is still fighting the Suque and the Temis Belt. 

The other characters (well...most of them) fulfill their callings doing something no one else can do and must be done in spite of personal desires.

Finally, we have resolution for the conflicts and plots that have twisted and turned throughout the epic - though there are still some major inner struggles that must be fought. 
This book was the hardest to finish because with the end, you also have to move on as an author.  The good thing is, I can go back anytime and revisit these, my children, and be proud of their courage under extreme fire.
There is a prequel planned (Tentatively Titled:  Five, the Power Rising) that my daughter intends to write and, if things in her life go as planned, she will continue with the story of the Five after Sogo falls.   I look forward to it with great anticipation.    

Update:  I wrote 5 prequels and there are plans for sequels to this book - beginning with Sundara, Queen of the Ammonites.

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