Friday, August 26, 2011

COS: Let's Discuss: Shugahauze

Shugahauze (shoogah-hawz) means house without love

Capital: Sala (second most-wicked city in world)
Flag: Black background, white crescent moon, silver waves along bottom
Money: Ducals/barter
Exports: Animals and their by-products like leathers and food, kitun breeches (pants), carpet, drugs
Dangers:  Child Slavery abounds in Catsfour City.  There are rumors of monsters in the Pizzonah mountains.

Characters from this area: Nyk (born there and moved), Japh (born there and moved)

If you divided the U.S. into quarters, this would be the southwest corner. Most of it is like the midwest in the U.S. - open range and plains. On the west coast there are mountains, but they aren't rocky, they're more like very large hills with bald spots.  The south has the Pizzonah Mountains.
Cities: Think squatty midwest ranch-style homes for the general population and for the larger cities, think taller versions of the same thing.

2 seasons hot/hotter, very little rainfall except in the west mountains and coast. It never snows. Small desert on northeast corner.

A melting pot because of the slavery issue.

In ancient times, one of the Five, Soline, preferred the sea and refused to have much to do with the people of this area she was meant to rule.  As a result, child slavery blossomed and the people are nomadic.

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