Friday, August 26, 2011

COS: Let's Discuss: Teris

Teris (Tear-us) word that means the wind speaks

Capital: Riverdale
Flag: Green & Orange: long-beaked black Bird in the middle (they don’t know it’s a Ryke)
Money: Brons
Major Exports: Iron, famous for swords/steel, Military Horses, Rare Marble (green/white)
Danger:  they rely on Utak for their water, Sand Slashers

Characters from this region:  Dom, Joz, Zeal

Divide U.S. in fourths and this would be the northeast corner. Biggest land mass. Think of a very badly behaved South America that stood on its head and melted a bit. Yea, I know, that's a stretch. On the east coast is the largest desert in the world. The city of Ogdones is mostly buried beneath sand near the heart of it.

The cities are smaller, but have enormous suburbs - think of condos and townhouses with pockets of multi-storied marble buildings that house the rich and one story homes for the suburbs.   Over time, the men have fallen under the notion that women are inferior.

During the millennias of the Five creators, Revaya chose this large chunk of property and for millennia, ruled wisely from Ogdones, the fabled city which was later cursed and buried under a desert that had not existed.  Currently, Teris politicians want to be fence sitters in the upcoming war - preferring to wait until the war is almost over and then joining the side that is winning.

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