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COS: Let's Discuss: Acha

Chest of Souls: Acha

Acha (Ah-cha NOT ah-ka) means forest dwelling.
Capital:  Fletching
Flag: Green & White : Red leaf in middle (no human knows it’s a Chent leaf)
Money: Barter/Gold
Major Export: Wood, ore, clothing, pottery, arrows

Characters from this area:  Wyt, Drew, Tane, and Nyk (who was a transplant from Shugahauze).  This is the country that Tasut and Talon live in when Tasut is 'home'.  The Ryn sisters grew up here.

Think of a badly drawn Idaho scrunched in the middle of the U.S. between northwest and southeast.
Most buildings are alpine-chalet with pitched roofs.  In the heartland are farms surrounded by immense forests of rare-quality wood. There are 2 famous forests in the area: Rahazi (reputed to be haunted) Erisha: where Achaites get best wood for bows/arrows

Extremes (100+) in summer and (-50) in the harshest of winters. They have all seasons and is a favorite destination in the fall. 

I think of it as Swedish mentality mixed with American ingenuity (in  other words, stubborn survivalists). This is a land of hunters and loggers whose allegiance isn't swayed. In general, it's the quietest country except for festival twice a year.

When the 5 Creators chose a place to settle, Acha was chosen by Ammon - who was a tall red head.  His people had the habit of migrating toward Teris (Ammon was friends with Revaya and spent significant time there).  Ammon chose the place because it was perfect for wood - his specialty.  He is the one that grew the Rahazi and Erisha forests.  The Achaites are a fierce people when riled.  Over the centuries, they have maintained their alliance with Utak - another sign of ancient times when Ammon and Jaydren (ruler of Utak) were friends and allies.

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