Tuesday, August 23, 2011

COS: Let's Discuss: Utak

Utak (You-tack) means “High Mountains”

Capital: Lake City
Flag: Royal blue background, silver fist
Money: Barter/Gold/precious gems
Exports: Every other country depends on Utak for it's water - they don't charge for it, but they do control its flow.  Hence the saying, All life flows from Utak
The official exports are:  Crops, Ryke meat, Paynach stone, salt
Dangers:  Roaming Ybarra herds - especially at harvest time

Characters from this land: Rube, Pax, Talon, Brenna, Mari, Loni, Jac, Mari's mother 

Think of dividing the U.S.A. into quarters, this would be located in the northwest corner and look more like Africa turned upside down. Picture a country populated by Thomas Kincaide buildings with enormous rocky mountains in the background and you pretty much have the fairy-tale like quality that exists in Utak.  95% of it is rural with its spiritually-minded people spread evenly over the area.

Known to contain the most beautiful women in the world.  Wars have begun over this fact - Kings want a Utakian wife and Utak won't grant permission entrance into their land  to just anyone.  Once a  year there is a festival where traders are allowed in, but carefully checked/monitored.
Back when the Five "Creators" were roaming around the land, the one that ruled Utak was Jaydren the Just.  He built a wall out of...well, I won't let the cat out of the bag since the prequel "Five - the Power Rising" tells that story, but at the beginning of COS epic, this wall has crumbled over the millennia.  People no longer remember what the wall was supposed to represent (or what it was made of).

Arches of Utak
Utak is enchanted and everyone that enters will have to pass under two arches made of what people think are an extremely large but extinct animal's tusks.  The bones are on the south end of a fertile seemingly deserted valley. This arch was completed in ancient times (You'll have to read the prequels to understand how and why) and no one living knows how it works, only that everyone who enters Utak, will find themselves by these arches, no matter what direction they are coming from.


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