Friday, August 26, 2011

Book#3 Aftermath

Released Dec 2010
Illustration: StravenLite


Brenna yearns for Talon’s love, but knows he sees her as a child. She’s determined to change that before her parents keep their word to take her away where Talon will never find her. No one seems to understand that Talon is the core of Brenna’s existence, not even Talon – yet.

Brenna is unaware the evil that has been searching for her has found her and if it can’t take her, it will take those she loves.

Talon has read the Book of Benamii and is beginning to understand that if Brenna dies, all hope perishes with her. He will not allow anyone or anything to hurt her. Not even Tasut. He is determined to stand between her and what is coming.

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