Friday, August 26, 2011

Book #2 Lend Me Your Mind

Released October 2010
Illustration: Daekazu


Brenna assumed everyone could modify an entire species, raise the dead, and speak with Deity because she’s done all of those things and more. Yet, even with all her power she can’t make Talon love her.

Talon has questions no one will answer. Like why he has to keep moving when he’d rather stay with the Tybars, what his father does for a living, and what really happened to his mother. The answers he does receive aren’t comforting.

Odd things have started to happen - the ship he is on sinks, a woman from legend rises from the sea, and he has to keep a secret he never wanted to know. Danger tracks him from the Ammon Islands to the far western shore of Utak. Through it all, he can feel where Brenna is and her most powerful emotions, but isn’t sure what it means.

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