Friday, August 26, 2011

Book#4 Sacrifice of Souls

Released December 2010 (I released 2 books as an early Christmas present to my fans)
Illustration: StravenLite


Brenna is on the other side of time to be trained. It is a place she cannot reach or see Talon and others are there including her mysterious teacher - a woman known only as the Forest Wife. This woman is beautiful, strange, as hard as Tasut, and as intelligent as Brenna’s mother. That combination doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room. Somehow, the Forest Wife knows Brenna will do whatever she has to do, pay whatever price must be paid, to save Talon and that guarantees her obedience – for now.

Talon is in Sogo – courtesy of his father’s great fist. He is to be sold at auction and join those destined for the Barracks. He doesn’t understand why. He can’t see how he can protect Brenna from Sogo. His plan at the moment is to survive the training and the odds are stacked against him: 300-1

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