Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Discuss: Marianna Ryn

I would love to find a Jane Seymour look-alike because I can't imagine anyone else playing the part.

Marianna, however, is stuck at 30 years old for the entire series of books.

Mari (Mar-ee not Mary) is beautiful, very intelligent, and wears many hats throughout the book -
A wife - who is still in love with her husband, but she can't tell him the truth about her line of work - that of Hi-Sha of a network of spies known as Eyes.
A working mother - trying to raise their all-powerful daughter to use her power responsibly and keep her hidden at the same time.
A business owner - setting Eyes up in positions all over the world so she has contacts and the possibilities of recruits in each nation.

Her greatest fear is that of discovery and she feels time is against them. Her juggling and manipulation to save her family and their friends can only last so long - after that, it will be Brenna's job and Brenna isn't ready.

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Lynn said...

I think it will be very difficult or impossible to find a Jane Seymour look alike. I have Jane play a lot youger before though I know this is a lot younger