Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's Discuss: Lyon Tybar

Gerard Butler as Lyon (imagine his hair thicker and sunstreaked)

With the advent of Nathan as Tasut, Gerard became my version of Lyon. He has proven he is a man who can play many roles - everything from a dad (Nim's Island) to gladiator (300). Also, he plays romance well and Lyon is romantic and a whole lot of other things.

Lyon (Lie-own) is a much deeper character than I originally thought. He comes from a long line of Assassins who have worked in Sogo for generations. While he is the best "Unknown" (secret assassin) at the time of his staged death, he never liked the work.

Lyon prefers creating jewelry to slitting throats.

His wife was his only failed assignment and he had no idea who she really was, but accepted her proposal immediately. This reformed assassin stays in the background for much of the book and his scenes are those of support - for his family and as a mentor-figure for Talon.

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A.H. said...

Okay I could see this, he does a really good dad (Best ever film for him being a dad was Dear Frankie, Nim came trailing behind it not by much but still quite a bit). Now here is my question could he use his Scottish accent? Because that is one great accent.