Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's Discuss: Hadasha Ryn

Megan Fox  has the ability to pull off the role of the sassy, proud, immoral Hadasha Ryn, but nothing's written in concrete.

Probably because I have a love-hate relationship with Haddy and hesitate to strap such a deceitful conniving role on anyone.

Haddy has been one of those characters that brings out a variety of emotions in the readers (and me)- frustration and even hatred are mixed among other non-flattering terms. Her selfishness is so well understood by those in my home, that we've been known to say "That's so Haddy!" about someone who is behaving in a particularly annoying/foolish fashion.

It may come as a surprise to explain that Haddy was fun to write - most of the time. Course, I'd hate to be her. Her life is an eight-lane black-ice-covered highway of bad choices. Even when she thinks she's doing good, her impulsiveness lends stupidity to her actions - like what happens when she goes to buy Loni a birthday gift (an outwardly good deed) and Brenna nearly gets kidnapped while Haddy's making cow-eyes at the clerk!

Haddy is easy to relate to because she's based on the kind of people we all know that make us want to tear our hair out. She seldom thinks things through, habitually chooses the wrong sort to 'fall in love' with, and seems to prefer to walk hand-in-hand with disaster. She's attractive, insecure, and judges others by outward appearance. She covets many things - including her handsome brother-in-law.

In a nutshell, Hadasha's actions have extreme consequences in a world where she's supposed to be a good guy and set a good example. One particular choice humbles her in such a way you'd think she'd learn her lesson. Sigh.

Haddy is a character that I tried to kill off many times - in fact, she was supposed to be the sister in the background, never more than a fixture.  Strong willed and defiant to the end, it's so Haddy!

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