Monday, February 16, 2009

Let's discuss: Mee

I would have preferred a picture of Mee, but she insisted that there be a picture of a 'much big' crab. This picture, by the way, is a coconut crab. Mee would love to be able to meet one.

Mee is a Shee, but not just any Shee. Mee is the Queen of ALL Shees and therefore what she says is law. Other Shees will not question her authority, orders, or doubt her words. She has the mind of a three year old because she was modified by Brenna who was three at the time.

Mee, for all of her self-absorption, will protect Brenna to the death; she frequently offers to bite anyone that she feels may be bothering her pet. In her mind, Mee owns Brenna as do other Shees who are bonded to humans. It's a terrible thing for a bonded Shee to lose their pet; often they die from the pain of separation.

Mee doesn't recognize that she is the most poisonous of Shees (this becomes very important in later books) but it wouldn't surprise her if she knew because Mee is the Queen and therefore the most beautiful, intelligent, and best of all Shees in every way.  Her subjects would not consider disagreeing.

She doesn't feel like her obsession with Crab is irritating anymore than Brenna feels her obsession with Talon is. For her, crab is divine and by rights, it should be given to her several times a day.

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