Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sons of Thunder by Michelle Erickson (my 32nd book)



Mal Kayman is on a quest that may kill him
That's nothing new, but his feelings for Anicette are.
If only they could get out of the ever-changing fog,
He might be able to explore them.

Driven to fly south, Ketu is wrapped in fire, blazing over an ocean.
She has seen whales, but no land, not even a rock!
Shaking with exhaustion, she feels the fire within dimming.
Why was she pushed in this direction if all she's going to do is drown?

Utahna gave Brenna a message. Five Years Ago!
She knows what she's supposed to do, but can't find it in her to tell Wyn
that everything they've done so far was the easy part.
The consequences of her procrastination are beginning to rumble.

Cost: ebook: $2.99

History of cover: The original cover's tiger had green eyes.  I requested blue-plus lightning.  I like it.  In hindsight, I would have kept the green-eyed tiger as well - for the paperback's back cover.

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