Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sweet Success!!!

So, here's how the promo on Amazon went for me:  SWEET SUCCESS:)

Several thousand people in 9 different countries downloaded Chest of Souls Book One 
and Pic Jump during the Free Amazon Kindle promo.  Wahoo!

Amidst stiff competition, Chest of Souls Book One rose to #8 in the Epic Fantasy charts, 
and #9 in Family Saga-Fiction.   Pic Jump reached #14 in the Romance/Inspirational category,
 #15 in Suspense, and #15 in Thrillers!

Soon to be released:  Five:  The Power Rising   

I know I've said it before, and if I had my artistic eye screwed in right, I would not have made the mistake I
did and the book would have been released earlier.  The fault lies with me, not the artist.

Daekazu didn't fail me - he did what I asked. However, when I saw the cover, which was what I asked for,
the feeling I had anticipated missed the target.  I want my covers to evoke emotion.  I want to keep pulling
the site up just to keep looking at them.  Yes, as a matter of fact, I continue to do that with my first two covers.

You will see the first cover because I'm going to use it for the back cover. In fact, I'm going to paste the blurb
over the top of it to cover MY faulty idea.  

Here is the blurb:

In the tatted lace of legend, there were Five Creators:
The Tree:  Ammon of Rozan-Steading
The Pillar:  Jaydren of Stones Fist
The Keeper:  Soline the Water-witch
The Weaver:  Revaya the would-be Queen
The Blaze:  Vael, the Betrayer

Ammon of Rozan-Steading exists to bring change. 
While serving as a Guard at the Fortress, he met the other four Creators and freed them.

Jaydren of Stones Fist was forced to kill his family.
His father’s last words were “Close your eyes son,” 
just before he’s forced to bury his parents and sister under a mountain he created. 
He has plans to escape, but can’t do it alone.

Soline doesn't remember where she came from.
When she was three, her world was colored by pain that never ended.  
Her goal: return to the sea, no matter the cost.

Revaya was told she would be Queen someday, 
but only after a journey she’d never take by herself.

Vael was carried to the Fortress by harpies, monstrous winged creatures 
that abduct those with ‘talent’ and take them to the Fortress.  
He plans to burn whatever stands in his way.

These Five are already legends.
Inside them, their power is rising.

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