Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Discuss: Wynna Ryn

Emma Roberts as Wyn - things change as time moves on, though, so check back.

(Win) is Loni's adopted daughter. The daughter of her heart. Wyn's parents died in a plague and she was found on the streets, or rather, she found Loni on the streets and thought Loni was her mother.

From the start, Wyn has attributes that make life more of a challenge. She's cross-eyed, extremely short for her age, and she stutters. Wyn clings hard to those she loves and suffers separation anxiety. This pint-sized cookie lover becomes Brenna's best friend/adopted sister-cousin. They get into and out of trouble together - and there's lots of trouble to be found.

Wyn is in all nine of the main set of books.  If sequels are written, she will be featured in the first (yes, I've toyed with the idea many times)  I've even chosen a title:  Sundara:  Queen of the Ammonites.

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