Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Discuss Tasut

Tasut (Tah-suit)

In general, everyone hates him - even I do at times. He is emotionally cold, physically brutal, and makes life miserable for his son, Talon. When I first wrote his character, I had no idea what happened to his wife; I simply wrote him as a single father. It helps to remember that he is a man with a mission. He never loses sight of the bigger picture. Naturally, there are reasons for all of this, but you will have to peel the onion to find out what's under the layers of Tasut's skin.
My youngest son suggested Nathan Jones as Tasut. I can understand why. Nathan is TALL, looks like he could frape the average person twice a day and not break sweat. Yes, he looks the part - but can he act? Tasut is more than muscle. In the final book there is a scene that will require a very fine edge be walked and I know Gerard Butler is capable of pulling it off, but the only thing I've seen Nathan do is the fight between him and Jet Li in Fearless (my son was giving me an example).
The violence in my books is circumstantial and one of foremost reasons why Talon and Brenna are in the book - to bring about Change (yes, I meant to capitalize the C)

This is how I picture Tasut looking on an average day - still not quite right but pretty close. Nathan has the, "I will kill you and not blink" thing signed, sealed, and delivered.

This look would be more appropriate for the Barracks. If this much emotion appears on Tasut's face I hope you said all your goodbyes because Tasut doesn't believe in second chances.

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