Saturday, March 20, 2021

Return to Shara - Chest of Souls Book 11

 My 29th book, Return to Shara


Armed with the power to shape worlds, the Four that destroyed the Fortress at Brissa and ruled the free land for tens of millennia are returning to Shara.

Ammon can't wait!
He's almost sure his beautiful dangerous wife, Haddy, will be able to stand her ground, 
no matter the opposition!

Jaydren, the Earth-Mac, plans to take back his family stronghold, Stones Fist.
His Water-Mac wife, Soline, never wanted to return to the land that held her prisoner for millennia.

Revaya, an AIr-Mac, wonders if her harpy grandmother is alive.
She could use pointers about how she and her husband, Pax, 
are supposed to claim Eos, the Red-Aerie harpy stronghold.

Ketu Modae is now the most power Fire-Mac the world has ever known.
She wishes to help her friends, but is relentlessly drawn southward, away from them. Why?

Yes, they're heading home,
but who will survive a land that's a death wish on its good days and on its bad,
everything and everyone (except family) wants to kill you.

Come to think of it, even then, there's no guarantee

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