Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tales from the Chest: Baiting Red Geets

Sometimes you have to give up something good - this scene - for something better - the scene in which I used to establish a bit of Tryk's eccentricity.  Plus, I brought up the Geets in a later scene.

Talon reluctantly made the fire Tryk requested, wondering if it would somehow have something to do with food - hoping, but not believing.

"Hold still," Tryk whispered, looking at the wide-eyed Talon who instantly froze.

He watched as his inventor-friends good eye tracked something behind Talon.  Judging from the quick jerky movements of that eye, it was small and fast.

"They're very sensitive to sound and smell, but their eyesight is really poor."

This, of course, could be any number of Tryk's "finds" and Talon tried not to flinch at the thought of the last find - an albino skunk.  Tryk often left critical things out of conversation - like the fact whether or not something was going to attack - or if it were poisonous.

"Ah - ha!" Tryk crowed, his hand darted toward the now crackling fire and Talon stopped him from putting his hand into the flames.  

"What are you doing!" he sputtered, shocked.

Tryk gave an owlish blink and unsuccessfully tried to jerk his hand away.  "It's a red-tailed geet!"

"A what?" Talon looked where Tryk pointed with his free hand.

"In the fire, boy!"

There, in the fire were a growing number of lizards - all glowing, all looking content.

"That's why I needed the fire!  I'm studying them," the inventor insisted.  "The only way I could tempt one was to have a fire."

Talon released Tryk's hand, but kept a watch on him since the man was known to do what sane people would never consider.

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