Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Slap Jack: House of Cards Book 3

Here it is, my 21st book and 3rd I've co-written.


Sarah survived the first two weeks at the Tapestry!

Taps adopted her and she now has siblings that were also orphans.
She's becoming more confident using her magic.
Ransom is in love with her - she sees it in his eyes and feels it in his heart, even if she's too young to do anything about it.

On the flip side:

Her bodyguard was murdered and it remains unsolved.
Taps is not only a cursed ghost, she and Sarah's brother are infected with a werewolf virus.
Sarah still isn't sure what Dee is, but glad she's nearly finished knitting her brain back together.

On the bright side of things, her friends are safe!

She thinks.
Hmm...is anyone safe in the magical world? Ever?

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