Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sequels to COS?

Fans asked (less than 24 hours after I released the final prequel to COS) if there will be more.

The short answer:  Stay Tuned.  

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For fans of the COS series, I plan to write the sequels in this sequence (Naturally, things could change):

1)  Sundara - Queen of the Ammonites
This is Wyn and Japh's story with all your favorite characters (who survived) from COS 1-9 AND the prequels.  Writing this book was a no-brainer.  I wanted to tie up the burning question:  What happened to the flaming blister known as Vael?  If you didn't know he was still alive, please re-read the series.

2) Sons of Thunder
Continuing where Sundara left off and setting up the rest of the books.  Two major characters are slated to die.

3) Return to Shara
The title is self-explanatory - the Ancients (minus Vael) will return to Shara to confront their past and take care of unfinished business.  

4) With Wings and Talon
This had to be written to fully explain harpies and how Revaya and Pax do among them.

5) Ties that Bind
The big wrap-up scene - probably.

6)  Someone suggested I write the pre-prequel about Utahna - sigh...I don't know if this should be done or not.

Yes, I have some of them planned and bits written down (about 67 pages of notes for the FIRST book), but try to be patient.  You never know what bits and pieces of other books may pop up and out, so as I mentioned above, Stay Tuned.

I am currently working on an urban fantasy with my oldest daughter called House of Cards.  To get a look at some of the characters and get a 'feel' for the series, go here:

The first book of HOC will be released (hopefully) next year (2015).   It is geared for YA and has been a real learning experience.  My family has always been involved in my books (since I eat/drink/sleep the worlds I create) but this has been the most fun I can have without being twins...and the hardest thing I've had to do.

There are four books planned, but the amount of information two of us can output is staggering, so it is likely to expand the way COS did.  Which means I will take at least a year off from writing COS.

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