Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Cover Artist: Mates Laurentiu Said In Stone - Book #16

-Jaydren the Just -

The more I look at this cover, the more I like it.  My husband and I spent an hour just looking at it the night it was finished and we had received the final product.  There are many details on this cover that might be lost to the casual observer - you might think, oh, its a man with anger-management issues sitting on a really expensive throne in a castle.   Wrong.  So wrong.

Artist:  Mates Laurentiu from Romania.

This cover has had several incarnations and I will be dedicating a post to show how it came about and put the link in, but I really wanted to share this because COS fans who've tried to imagine him, will want to see him.

If you've read the first two prequels (Five: The Power Rising and Fathoms Deep), you will know that Jaydren is the most handsome of the three male Macshara that make it to the new land.  Usually, he is not so foreboding.  Even MY first impression when I looked at the finished product was this is not a man you mess with.  I had to firmly remind myself that this is how you would look if you had to judge the dregs of society millennia after millennia.  It would have been ridiculous to have him smiling and looking really happy as he dispenses justice in Utak.  This particular look would be when someone has lied to him.

The bricks?  When you read the book, you'll know what is happening here.

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