Friday, August 26, 2011

Book #7 Division of Souls

Released March 2011
Illustration:  StravenLite


After powering the Chest of Souls, Brenna’s severed from her ability to love and that isn’t all that’s missing. She has made her choice and it isn’t Talon.

Her plan is to save as many lives as she can before Sogo falls.
Logic rules her days and remorse rules her nights.

Talon survived Day of Air and must survive the coming days of Water, Fire, and Earth – ending with the travesty of the blood sport called Cubes. He thought the greatest test was when the Chest of Souls was powered, but his greatest challenge lies ahead.

He has to find a way to heal the division between Brenna and himself and if he can’t, he has to ask himself if he loves her enough to do what must be done, no matter what?

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