Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's Discuss: Tryk

Christopher Lloyd  has a certain kind of intense manic energy that comes across as natural one but him.  It makes him unique and it makes him spot-on to my story.

We know Christopher can do obsessed scientist.

One of the pre-readers mentioned that Tryk seems expendable.

He isn't.  In fact, he will continue into the sequels.

In Chest of Souls, he serves as the springboard from which historical lessons (and some off-the-wall humor) are launched.

I created Tryk because I got bored when Talon spent too much time with the Tybars. I wanted him to be with them just enough to understand how they worked together and have him pick up on the things Brenna didn't (or wouldn't) to set up further scenes.

He quickly became a favorite tool to use for setting up humor in adverse circumstances.

I needed a likable character that could teach Talon how to use his mind - an educated adult who understood what was really going on (past and present) and could give little snippets to help Talon and my readers comprehend how much more was going on than what a young boy could understand.

Hats off to Tryk - and to Christopher.  One brings the other to life in my mind.

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A.H. said...

Tryk rocks! I agree Tasut wouldn't teach a history lesson to Talon, especially when the past would be to painful for Tasut. As for the Tybars as loving as they are Talon needs someone who he can usually be guaranteed to find in one place. Tryk seems to usually be at home, that constant would definitely give stability to Talon. As well as everyone needing a "grandparent" to pass their wisdom and their experiences to the younger generation, and being around him would definitely lighten up Talon's mood, who wouldn't laugh around someone like Tryk, well besides Tasut.