Monday, August 11, 2008

Chest of Souls: Villains

High Priestess Saro (HPS): Only she would be more modestly dressed.  She is in charge of the Temple of the Unknown God in Sogo, the wickedest city in the world.

COS Quote: “I will not waste my time waiting for a corpse.”

I don't remember where I got this picture. Perhaps a scientific publishing magazine. It is a real human eye, but modified for reasons I can't recall. Freaky though... and the reason I thought it effective. One look at someone with eyes like this and you wouldn't want to stay around them.

Nightshades were human. Nez Shavae, Minister of Religion in Sogo, made them using instructions garnered from an ancient text that mysteriously appeared on his desk amidst scorched hand prints and blood.

Xavier Delisandro
Actor I envision:  Russell Crowe
Russell has the class to pull off a man who is well aware of what he could have been and should have done.

Quote:“I desire the High Priestess Saro prove her right to hold her office”

Delf Shiraz
Actor I envision: Peter Saarsgard
Delf is a drug addict who frequently checks to see if his head is going soft - literally.
He is also a lecher and wishes to form an alliance - and more - with the High Priestess Saro.
COS Quote:“Let’s just say I’m not here to buy baskets...”

Grutlek Kohman
Actor I envision:  John Rhys Davies
Grutlek is a character that you'd like to use to wipe your hands on.  He is overconfident and a coward.  He is a brown-nosing ignorant oaf with high ambition and low I.Q.

COS quote: "If you are alive in three days, you may voice your complaints then."

Scive AND Razen Fellstein/Cillian Murphy: Who else can play a bad guy with mental problems? In this story, he'd get to play TWO! he-he-he

Scive COS Quote:“Exactly what do you wish us to do about the High Priestess, Minister?”
Razen COS Quote: “You want him to assassinate her?”

Cor Izor/Brenden Fraser:  Yeah, a bit out of the norm for Brenden, but I still think he could pull it off.
COS Quote: “Prove your power!”

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