Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let's Discuss: The Board-game Steps

Steps is a board game played by the characters in Chest of Souls that loosely resembles chess.

Men (figures or objects that represent men)
Cards: Placement, Weapons, Assassins, Council, and Guardian.
Die: odd shaped with numbers 1-10

Major difference between Steps and Chess: the board is larger and each square contains a number except the tree-square which is in the middle of the board (think of a checker board) the middle four squares are blanked out and there is a tree instead of squares. There are no unfilled spaces on this board.

How to play:
Put all same-kind cards together and place face down in stacks at sides of board - except position cards.
First: you will deal the Position cards until there are no more left. These cards have a number which matches a numbered square on the board. You will place your men on the matching square. It doesn't matter what man you put where because all of them are equal.
Second: Toss the die, choose a man and move him to his place. When you land, each player draws from their weapons cards. The draw of the card determines whether you win or lose. If your weapon is a better weapon than the other person's, you win that square. It becomes 'side down' and if your square is touching a square containing an opposing player, you repeat the drawing of weapons cards. If the only square surrounding you are your own men, you drawn against yourself.
Third: Repeat the above process until all the men are gone except the one in the middle and whoever has the surviving man.
At this point, final cards are drawn. The player who 'lost' the round will draw for the man in the middle from the deck of Guardian cards. If his card loses, you get the treasures from the tree (determined by the players) and the title of 'Champion'.

As Talon discovers, the point of this first level in the game is complete annhilation - rather like King of Bunker Hill. Most people never get beyond mastery of this level. The second level of the game involves Assassin's. More details later...

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