Monday, August 11, 2008

Chest of Souls: Shees

Mee: a poor rendition of how she looks (she wanted me to make this perfectly clear). In reality, the texture of her fur is much more like chinchilla and her tail is much more beautiful, thick, and attractive than this ratty-looking one. Her eyes are blue and spaced more like humans. Her ears are much longer and have tufts on the tips. She has pale orange stripes through her fur. 

Mee can speak one-syllable words. Brenna altered her when Brenna was 3 years old; therefore, Mee is very much like a 3 year old in COS. Note: (She insists) Mee loves to eat crab.

Fox: one of the more colorful Shees that live in the Forest Wife's realm. Mee insists that Fox is not this attractive, but claims it is an accurate portrayal of Foxes less-than-perfect tail.

Here is a better picture of how the genetically-altered ear tufts would look.
Regular Shees: brown-grey, ear tufts, and the dark eyes. Still, even their eyes would be set more like humans and the tail would be thicker, more luxurious.

Genetically altered Shees are born with fur. Like tigers, their skin is the color they will be.  Wild Shees are like those that are pictured

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