Monday, August 11, 2008

Chest of Souls: Friends

Jarow Meade/Hugh Jackman: Someone who is ripped, but someone who could keep their heart and focus despite the odds. Yum. Enough said.

COS Quote: "I want the widow Raen."

Raen Dorn/the widow Raen:   still looking - 
COS Quote: "If any of you tell what you are about to see, my life is over."

Trykonius (Tryk)/Christopher Lloyd:

COS Quote: “I won’t get a wink of sleep now. What do you all say to a bit of breakfast?”

General Monus/Tom Sellek:

COS Quote: “Your father was the brightest and most terrifying man in battle that I’ve seen.”

General Han/William Petersen: subject to change

Quote: "We’ll try to save as many as we can.”

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Tristi Pinkston said...

A movie with Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, *and* Tom Selleck? I'd be all over that one.