Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's Discuss: Queen Tahlana

Queen Tahlana (Tah-lawn-ah): I think this pic came from a perfume/cologne ad.

I always envisioned Tahlana to be an exotic combination of Polynesian/American Indian with green eyes. There are times Tahlana wears a Mohawk and face paint.  She is a fearless warrior, a strong-willed Queen, and has a don't-mess-with-me attitude that coats her like armor.  She is seventy years old - but doesn't look or act her age.  Part of this, of course, is her lineage from Ammon.  In her, the age-defying gene really took root.

Before book one even begins, a ship she was on sank and she was found on the northern shores of the mainland by her first husband, an assassin, who was being hunted.  They married and then lived in Utak.  She abandoned her husband and infant and returned to her people to become their Queen.

There are few secrets among the Ammonites, so they all knew she had a child, but that child was never recognized officially, though it was understood when the Queen gave the word, the daughter would become the new Queen.  Because they are who they are, they would accept her and love her as they did Tahlana. Her second husband was the King of the Ammonites, a man she respected, but never loved.

Her heartbreak rests in the fact that her people will not remain full-blooded Ammonites once the prophesied Queen takes the throne.

COS Quote: "You use her to test if she be a true Kah, she test your knowledge.”

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